What Is Math Kangaroo?

Math Kangaroo is an international math competition that evaluates the logical combination capabilities and creative problem-solving skills of students. Originated in Australia in 1980, Math Kangaroo has become one of the most popular math competitions for elementary students worldwide. Math Kangaroo is hosted annually for students in grades 1-12. Competitors will be placed in a specific level between 1-6 according to their grades. The competition is a single round 75-minute test, consisting of 24 questions for grades 1-4 and 30 questions for grades 5–12. The test questions are divided into 3 levels, ranging from 3 points (basic) to 4 points (intermediate) and 5 points (advanced). All questions are multiple-choice with 5 different options. Test-takers are not allowed to use calculators.


Why Is Math Kangaroo Important?

Most of the test questions are challenging math word problems that are not typically covered in Common Core math. Participating in Math Kangaroo can help students develop a passion for math learning and logical thinking. Math Kangaroo participants are encouraged to reach their full potential by competing further in other math competitions such as AMC 8, AMC 10, and even AIME, which are designed for middle-school and high-school students.


Math Kangaroo Preparation at Think Academy

Think Academy offers comprehensive MK competition prep courses and resources, including info webinars, short-term courses, and mock exams.





45 minutes

18 multiple-choice questions






60 minutes

24 multiple-choice questions